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P’taah tells us “We are a band of energy that exists every-where and every-when.”  He says that we have called him forth from the yearning within our hearts to know the more of who we are. He comes to assist us in our journey Home and says that he has always been with us. His message is one of love and of creating more of what we want by giving thanks for what we have. While we can mentally communicate with P’taah at any time, he talks with us physically through Jani King.

Light Source P’taah (Australia) is the home for Jani and P’taah.

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Thanks and Gratitudes

P’taah says, “There are several ways in which you may open to the light.  The first and most important one is to be in the thanks and gratitudes.  Now I

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Your room

Your Room

“So, let us discuss this idea of creating an interior space, a place of great creativity and power, that each of you may utilise in your day to day reality.

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Monthly Conversations

Subscribers from all over the world ask P'taah their questions about life, the universe and everything!

New insights and fresh inspiration every month.

Personal Sessions

Personal Sessions with P'taah are just for you and can last up to an hour. During that time you can ask P'taah anything you want and you are welcome to record your session.

Golden Light Essences

Another wondrous P'taah tool, Golden Light Essences were
co-created with Pattie Staines
and her late husband Ric, long
time beloved P'taah friends.

Experience them in your life

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