Conversations with P’taah are recordings of international conference calls we do once a month with guest interviewers who volunteer for the experience.

Every few months we do an entire session of Burning Questions you have submitted for P’taah to answer.

P’taah says that when you ask questions you are ready for the answer.  “Very often we speak the answer and it is deeper than is first perceived, and in this fashion you explore your own being-ness, you come in to a greater knowing.  After all, if you want to know how you create reality it is essential that you know who you are from whence you do create the reality.”

Conversations with P’taah have been happening once a month since 2003 and they explore the many questions we have about life, the universe and everything!

While guest interviewers often ask quite personal questions, we have found that both the questions and P’taah’s responses resonate with the many, assisting us to know to more about who we are from whence we create our reality.

Listen to an excerpt from the June 2019 Conversation with P’taah here:

Are you interested?

  • You will need to prepare a list of questions you would like to ask P’taah, and are happy to share with others.
  • Guest interviewers receive both the audio file (.mp3) and transcript of the Conversation, with our thanks.

Nellie Cartier, dear friend of P’taah, coordinates recording of Conversations with P’taah.

If you:
– would like to participate in a Conversation with P’taah, and/or
– have a question you would like Nellie to ask during a Burning Questions session:

Catching up and staying in tune...

You can browse and select individual Conversations with P’taah here:


Audio files and transcripts can be purchased individually, and you can subscribe to receive the latest Conversation with P’taah in your Light Source P’taah account around the 16th of each month.