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P’taah’s Guide for the Journey Home

P’taah’s Guide for the Journey Home is the definitive P’taah book – small yet powerful, it contains all of the tools P’taah has given us over the years to enable us to be more in the joy of non-separation and connectedness, of thanks and gratitudes, of love, laughter and play.

We apologise for postage costs – as a very small business we are unable to set up reduced cost postage.  Please select from the items below to purchase a book with appropriate postage included.

If you wish to purchase more than one copy of the book please send us an email ( and we will make a specific product just for you.

1 copy of the book plus postage to the UK & Europe

       Cost of book:     $15
       Cost of postage: $23

1 copy of the book plus postage to the US & Canada

       Cost of book:      $15
       Cost of postage:  $19

1 copy of the book plus postage to the Asia/Pacific 

      Cost of book:      $15
      Cost of postage:  $17 

If you are in Australia and you would like to purchase a book please send us an email and we will send you an invoice in Australian dollars

2 copies of the book plus postage to the US & Canada

       Cost of books:    $30
       Cost of postage: $23

4 copies of the book plus postage to the US & Canada

       Cost of books:    $60
       Cost of postage: $23

12 copies of the book plus postage to the US & Canada

       Cost of books:   $180
       Cost of postage:  $41

Personal Session with P'taah

P’taah speaks through Australian Dr Jani King.  Jani does personal sessions by telephone, WhatsApp or Skype (audio only, your choice), usually at 7.30am (Queensland, Australia time), Mondays to Fridays.  Availability is dependent on Jani’s travel/work schedule.
Personal Sessions with P’taah are based on your questions for P’taah and can last up to an hour.  During that time you can ask P’taah anything you want and you are welcome to record your session.  When you have finished asking questions, P’taah will say good-bye and hang up the phone.
$175 per session

P'taah Guided Meditations

P’taah’s guided meditations are a beautiful way to relax your body and your spirit, bringing you back to your centre-point.

The Journey of Connectedness is about connecting – with our grander self, the multiverses and the All That Is.

In Meeting with your Soul, P’taah guides you to create Your Room, a personal space just for you where you connect and adventure with your grander self.

Exploring Beyond the Crystalline Door takes you once again to your Room, then encourages you to step through the crystalline portal …

P’taah’s Meditation for Wellness is a relaxing journey into a magical space of wellness, leaving you with a beautiful feeling of wellbeing.

CIB Pendant - sterling silver, hand made

P’taah says that the ‘ideagram’ of the Mayan glyph CIB “includes the knowing of interplanetary communication. So it is to remind you, whether or not you consciously know it, that you are not alone, that you are all star-seeded, that for multitudinous millennia you have been visited, seeded, guided by the star peoples. And those communications are still occurring of course, and as we have said many times, the time is approaching where the star peoples will come forth, very publicly, not able to be hidden by governments, to really invite you in to a body of consciousness which is interplanetary.”

This bespoke sterling silver pendant is 16mm x 20mm in size (not including the bale) and does not come with a chain.

The pendant is hand made by an Australian artisan following placement of order and payment – this can take approximately 2 weeks, or 10 working days.
Postage time is additional to this.

Cost of $105 includes postage.

For further information send us an email:

P'taah video:

Outrageous Dreams ... Outrageous Reality - Tools to Transform Your Life

MP4 video file – recorded in 2007 in Joshua Tree, California USA
with Jani King and P’taah
and Mickey Luckman with two friends

In this video Jani responds to questions about how channelling P’taah is for her; and P’taah reminds us of our awesome power and provides some ‘little recipes’ for creating more love and joy in our lives.

Because this is a large file (1.76 GB) it is stored in Dropbox.
After purchase you will be emailed a Dropbox File Transfer notification which will invite you to download the MP4 file to your computer or other device.
This link will expire after 7 days, however we are happy to email a new Dropbox File Transfer notification on request to

Cost: $20

Many thanks to beloved P’taah friend Paul for using his technical skill to make this video file available to us all.