Sunrise of the child within

P’taah says that basically all of our fears stem from the belief that we are unworthy.  To assist us to more easily identify our fears, in order to transform them, they can be broken down into four categories.

The Four Basic Fears

  1. I am unworthy (not enough)
  2. I am powerless to change anything
  3. Love equals pain.
  4. My world is not a safe place.

P’taah says “As long as you see yourself as a victim you are powerless to change anything.  It is only you who have the power of transformation.  You create your own reality absolutely, if you do not like what you are creating, you have the power to change it!  You are not a victim.  No matter the horror story, you are at some level a co-creator.”

The Four Keys to transform these fears into love:

  1. Take responsibility – acknowledge and accept that this is your fear,
  2. in the Now,
  3. whilst you are feeling it,
  4. by the total embracing it.

P’taah tells us to remember the importance of the Now – it is our power place, the place of transformation.  The past has gone, we only have Now to choose how we will be, and that choice will create our tomorrows.  We can only transform fear while we are feeling it, in the Now moment.

P’taah says the feeling, the e-motion (energy-in-motion), is the power that creates our reality, so the transformation of fear to love can only occur while we are feeling the emotion.  “Emotion itself is simply energy, it is you who labels it as ‘good stuff’ or ‘bad stuff’.  So in essence what you are doing is changing the frequency or vibration of the energy by your intent.  This is how powerful you are!”