Being your own detective
  1. Stop and breathe.
  2. Imagine the little Baby You,
  3. hold this little one to your breast,
  4. say “Thank you, I love you!”

P’taah acknowledges that it is difficult for us to embrace the fear when we have spent our entire lives running away from it, and provides us with the Baby Me tool to assist.

“First simply stop.  If you are amongst others, take yourself off to the bathroom or wherever you can be alone – just for a few moments.  This is not some lengthy, agonising, roll on the floor situation, it is a simple exercise of the heart.”

So stop, then consciously breathe – deep, comfortable, even breaths.  P’taah says, “You know in your world breath is life.  In the greater reality life is the Source.  When you stop and breathe with intent you will immediately connect to your Source-self, your greater-self.”

Then imagine your baby self – aged perhaps four years, perhaps a little older – the little one standing in front of you lonely, terrified and heart-broken.  This little one has struggled all the days of your life to protect you and make sure you survive, this little you whose name is Fear.

So in your mind you reach out and take this little you to your breast, and as you hold her/him close you might say, “Thank you for loving me and looking after me.  I am so sorry I abandoned you all of those years ago, but I did not know any other way to be.  Now I do know, and I will never again abandon or deny you.  We are together forever you and I, and together we are Home.  Thank you.  I love you.”

And you will hold the little one close and breathe, saying your “thank you, I love you”, and just be.  Nothing to do, just be.  As you do so, the Goddess/God light of you swirls that energy of fear into the light of Itself, and the fear is now transmuted to love.