Your room

“So, let us discuss this idea of creating an interior space, a place of great creativity and power, that each of you may utilise in your day to day reality.

“We have spoken so many times about the fact that everything exists in the non-physical before it manifests into a physical reality, and this includes whatever situations that you find yourself in with other peoples, and perhaps confrontations of various kinds that you find with other peoples.  So we are talking about this physical reality as well, although the confrontation may not be physical at all.

“So, we have spoken to you about creating a space that you can retreat to, to do many things:  to rest, to restore yourselves, for great repose, to explore other dimensional realities, to bask in beauty, beauty that you create, whether it is in a room or a garden, or whatever it is that you want to create in this interior space.

“It is a place for you to retreat to, and a place of great empowerment.  A place where you may meet your soul.  A place where you may voyage to other dimensional realities, to explore your earth, and to bring forth peoples to talk to heart to heart, to solve, to find solution to any situation that you may find yourself in in your day to day reality.”

P’taah meditation ‘Meeting with Your Soul’ includes the process of creating Your Room – available for purchase here.

Download and read a transcript of P'taah talking about creating and using Your Room

P’taah meditation ‘Meeting with your Soul’ includes the process of creating Your Room – available for purchase in the Shop.