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Frequently asked questions

Who is P’taah?

P’taah tells us that he is a band of energy that exists in every where and every when. In order to communicate with us in third density, he steps down that energy ‘through the Pleiades’ in much the same way that a transformer steps down electrical energy. He speaks through Australian Jani King.

Why does P’taah talk so much about giving thanks?

When you give thanks, you bring yourself into the Now. Although P’taah reminds us again and again that we have only Now, most of us spend our lives rehashing our past or imagining a probably-negative future. The more we give thanks, the more we see in our lives to be thankful for. Since like energies attract, the more we’re thankful for, the more good stuff we attract.

Why should I give thanks if I’m sick?

P’taah says that if you are alive, you have something to give thanks for. He also says that your body is a perfect mirror of your belief system. If it is reflecting back to you conditions that you don’t like, it means that there is something there for you to look at. The whole point of the Morning Song is to focus your attention on the abundance, not the lack. Since we know that the more you focus on abundance, the more of it you create, it would certainly follow that the more you focus on lack, the more of that you create.

Why didn’t P’taah give us specifics about 2012-2013?

P’taah answers your question this way:

“You create and co-create your reality in every moment. In the co-creation, you may imagine wheels within wheels in the most astounding designs and compexities, weaving multi-versal layers of realities.

Much of what you perceive as ‘natural phenomena’ such as the phases of the moon, or the movement of the planets and stars would be considered as multi-versal patterning. So are the cycles of what you call ‘evolution’ and the ebb and flow of cultures and civilizations.

You may term the time frame of 2012-2013 as one of these. So it is that in the grand patterning, this time frame, 2012-2013, may be likened to the phase of the new moon. It is predictable.

However, as in every other phase of human life, it may be experienced in different and individual ways by each of you different and individual peoples. No matter how it is experienced, in effect, the outcome is already known: A shift in vibrational frequency of everything on and within the planet.”

Can P’taah communicate in many languages?

Jani usually either works with English-speaking audiences or uses a translator. When P’taah was asked why he doesn’t speak in other languages, he responded, “One phenomenon at a time, beloved.”

Was that P’taah in ‘What the Bleep’?

It was Ramtha, not P’taah. The energies, however, are very similar.

Is the ‘Compressed Light’ CD by P’taah yours?

No, that P’taah is a band and they are not affiliated with us.